With today’s smartphone technology, nearly anyone can be an amazing photographer. Phones these days have cameras with incredible definition, features, and capabilities, and make it so that even the most amateur photographers hold a ton of potential in the palm of their hands.

But do you know what it takes to actually take amazing pictures with your smartphone? As a professional photographer, I’m dedicated to sharing some of the pro insider tips and tricks with everyone who wants to learn this craft.

You may have seen that some of your friends and family are taking photos that just seem next level, and you’re wondering how you can do the same. There are some photography basics, which can help elevate your smartphone photographs to the next level.

Here are four easy ways anyone can take amazing pictures with their smartphone.

4 Easy Ways Anyone Can Take Amazing Picture With Their Smartphone

Natural lighting is the best lighting

Often, one of the most critical factors that determine if a photo is amazing is the lighting in the shot. And lighting impacts more than just the appearance of your photo.

Most smartphones have cameras which essentially operate at reduced quality in lower lighting levels. So finding a good source of natural lighting will help you get the best shot possible.

If natural lighting isn’t readily available, having multiple sources of other lighting can help. Combining the flash from your camera with the lights in a room might give you enough to capture that amazing shot, for example.

4 Easy Ways Anyone Can Take Amazing Picture With Their Smartphone

Use your grid like a pro

All professional photographers know the value of framing and composition of photographs. In order to give yourself a leg up, and frame your pictures like a seasoned professional, turn on the “grid” overlay on your camera.

This will give you a grid of lines, which can help you frame your shot and make sure everything lines up. For a more advanced implementation, you can tap into the rule of thirds, which is one of the basic cornerstones of photography.

Make sure your subject is in focus

Smartphone cameras are just that: smart. They have an auto-focus feature, which helps make sure your photo is crystal clear.

But you’ll notice, if you have different subjects in the photo, or a dynamic foreground or background, it’s possible for your phone to focus on the wrong subject. In order to take an amazing shot, you can tap the subject on your touch screen, to make sure your camera is focused on the correct object. 

Shake up your perspective

Smartphone photography can be fun and creative, and far too many photographers take the same shot over and over, or shoot from the same vantage point or perspective. In order to catch dynamic, versatile, and amazing shots, make sure you mix up your perspective.

You can shoot from up high, down low, close up, and far away. You can also shoot with reflections, through windows or glass, or on other mirrored surfaces, such as metal.

Check out my work to get creative insights with showcasing your subject, in order to get the shot of your dreams.

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